Monday, November 22, 2010

Midday Note...

Poetry continuously, so far today.  Excited about tonight’s podcast, and succeeding studio session.  Language has me addicted, officially.  Looking at these scattered pages here in the office truly does remind me of all the crates of grapes up in production, at all the wineries I’ve recently visited.  Constructing an opus tonight.  Mix Tape 1, holding at 12 tracks.  Finished.  Want to start recording new spoken word, freestyles, songs for the next one.  I like the thought of write/record and quick-release.  Don’t have time to waste.  Must say that Wayne’s philosophy has found its way into the vinoLit practice.  For tonight, eyeing an Old Vine Zin.  We’ll see.  Sip, sip..
(Monday, 11/22/2010)

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