Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chef Mike

So much in my head right now, don’t even know where to start.  Cold in this office, and outside.  Fall.  I prefer autumn.  Gives the reality the sophistication, recognition it deserves.  About to hit page 195 in this word doc.  Just did.  So again, I ask my Self, “Why do I not have a book on shelves?” My mood, up and down today.  My attitude, always, or at least many times, the issue, the problem.  But not today.  Not with this session.
Wine and food.  Have to face the truth, I need to learn to cook.  Wine and food need intermingling.  They demand it.  So I have to learn to cook.  Now.  Pair wines with food, from starters to main courses, even salads.  Where do I start?  I guess with what I sort of know how to fix already.  Pasta.  Red sauce.  Slight spice and pizzazz.  I will capture each phase of this self-education.  Should I start tonight?  Mushrooms, maybe some kalamata olives.  Can’t wait to be out of academia so I can give the entirety of my Self to such pursuits.  Enough of those statements; Yes, I’m cooking.  Tonight.  Decreed, indeed.

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