Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back at Fresh, by Lisa Hemenway

All-encompassing experience in wine country life.  If you want to dine out, this is a selection that won’t entail regret or negative reflection.  If you want take-out, equally enchanting and delicious.  Wildly impressive menu and wine selection.  Beer selection, sure to please as well.  One attribute I like about the wine list, its arrangement by price, the fact it entails the ’06 Mayo Sparkling Wine.  Oh, beer lovers: Racer 5 on tap!  The decor, dark, elegant and calming.  I always stay a while, plus a few minutes.
With our drinks, we decided to go with the charcuterie plate, which included flawlessly flavored meats (cured and otherwise), little garlic crostinis, a couple mini-wraps, pickles, and I think even a couple more irresistible bites.  Lisa’s new gem in the Skyhawk Village even entails a grocery element, floral section, dessert, coffee, fine cheese, among even more.  But there’s a balance when you walk through the doors.  You won’t feel overwhelmed.  If anything, you’ll be like I was and stay, a while, have a glass or three, enjoy some elegant apps. 
Oh, I can’t forget about the pizzas offered.  Disturbingly delicious, honestly.  And, to accent my obsession with these artisan dinner, or lunch if you want, delights: the price point.  Finally, a chef/owner with reason, understanding of the economically harsh period in which we stand.
You know, I could carry on in this article by enumerating all on her menus, how great it is, and it is, all of it.  But, what I want to finish with is an expression of relief, how this fits into the wine world I enjoy.  There’s a Humanness within Fresh’s walls, while maintaining a reFRESHing strand of elegance.  I love how something this exceptional is literally right up the road, on 12 and Mountain Hawk.  Respect and gratitude to Chef Hemenway for gifting Sonoma County with such a ambrosial sanctuary.  And lastly, enviable hospitality.  All attendants, friendly, knowledgeable, not excessively conversational or intrusive, especially the young lady behind the bar last night, Colleen.  All in the service industry/hospitality could learn from her practice. 
Either way, go pay Chef Hemenway a visit at Fresh, have a relaxing time.  Be prepared to stay a while, plus a few minutes, and keep coming back.  Sip, sip...    

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