Monday, November 8, 2010

In An After

11:22pm.  And so, I conclude the day in Hemingway mode.  Listening to these chill notes and tunes, I reflect on my invincibility, writing.  I’m in a mode of cruise 4ever.  I don’t know my progress’ point at the moment.  What a great night with the famiglia.  Them, to blame.  I enjoy their company, too much.  Dizzy, pleasantly.  100 words, difficult in this pose.  Angels in the Room with me, instruction, I’m certain.  “Stop,” they’d say.  
So, people that want to “blog” with me: if you’re not connected to the exploratory stride, bother another scribe.  Bothered by my inconsistencies.  So what should I do, now?  I would say, rest.  Surrender this evening.  A victory could nestle in the morrow’s story. 

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