Monday, November 15, 2010

Domaine Carneros

Loved this winery for years, bubbles and Pinot.  On the way home from work, I made my Self pull in.  As usual, I couldn’t cease with the pictures.  And, couldn’t wait to get inside and taste some compelling sparkling wines.  My acute, soft-octaved, and radiant hostess Heather took me through a flight.  What a riveting hospitality episode.  The inside of the structure is elegant, but not pretentious.  Precisely what I seek in a wine world journey, or scene: Humanness.  Heather talked with me about each wine as if we were in the same situation and circumstance, out tasting.   She didn’t employ obnoxiously obscure and/or esoteric lines, recite some exhaustingly elongated script.  We talked.  She enlightened, shared.  Anyone would delight in such sincere pleasantness.
I used to think that all champagne/sparkling tasted more or less the same.  Because of this winery’s handle on, and mastery in, this style of wine, the sparkles, my eyes and mind have been opened.  Frankly, this isn’t hard for me to write.  It’s like writing a love note to a lover I’ve for ages been loving.  I adore this Carneros gem, scribing humbly.  The views, food (by the way...yes, they provide cheeses, nuts, among much else), wine...perfect for a writer like me.  This isn’t my typical review.  Why?  I have a personal, long-anchored, tie to this domain.  

Hospitality is something that takes practice, specific training, passion, belief.  Same as the wine.  I could tell that Heather and her colleagues strolled in the like.  Nothing too aggressive, no weightlessness in dialogue or exchange.  Here, at DC, a wine country experience with an unparalleled homefeel.  Next time I’m pouring in the tasting Room, I’ll definitely the Self push to mimic these courteous and congenial strides, gestures.  Cheers to Domaine Carneros, sitting here at home, with my bubbly, eager for my visit next.  Sip, sip...
(Monday, 11/15/2010)

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