Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A.M. in Pen

Mike was ready for his solo blogging mission to Dry Creek.  As he sipped his mocha, let the cameras charge, he thought of the autumn tints on the drive home.  Then he thought of the prospect of him at Stanford, again.  He stopped at this fascination, and jotted class possibilities.
  1. Creative Wine Writing in Blogosphere vs. On the Page
  2. Fiction in the Tasting Room
  3. Journal Keeping and Wine/Wine Life
One, if not all of these, quite possible.  Thrilling, just thinking about it.  I won’t just be taking pictures and footage up in the Creek today.  There will be words put in the little pages of this journalist-esque notepad.  Love that valley, the drive up there, the wine, the wineries.  Always adventurous, exploratory, encouraging.  -9:58a...

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