Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post 3

Wine industry morality, curious.  Why do I say that?  Because of the imperative selfishness on the behalf of few.  Most in this corner, acknowledge Equilibrium.  Past such, I continue with this Burgundian beauty.  Chardonnay, Kelly...pushing the pages forward.  She, here with me.  In elevated intimacy. 
Listening to beats, scribbling bent rimes.  Composure, arduously.  Impressively so.  As a writer/poet, I swivel in this cathedra, demodernized.  Not sure where I walk, I sip again.  The night’s theme, Chardonnay.  Her. 
Thinking I may continue with the script, even though I don’t like the format.  Should I try?  Sipping, assertively.  This Composition notebook, filling more steadily than estimated.  Time, cruel to me, all in this paginated artistry.  Sip, sip... 
(Saturday, 11/27/2010)

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