Monday, November 29, 2010

vinoLit Vid, 11/28/2010

After a day like today, so much in my head.  From great guests in the tasting Room, to Alderbrook’s exciting new realities, to the Thanksgiving break being over, to the cold weather...Pleasantly dizzy, I guess you could say.  
Nice to reconnect with my cousin/brother Nick (Thanks for all the wisdom and help, bro!).  Still learning a lot about Social Media, and how it can propel your business, get you closer to your envisioned future/reality.  The Villa, here in Santa Rosa, becoming one of my preferred places for relaxation after a Room shift.  Again, a thanks to my blogging buddy Rony for sharing a bottle of an incredible ’04 Cab from the Frannie.  Sip, sip...  

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