Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Elation in Consolidation...

Busy creating this morning and early afternoon.  Beyond pleased to have this day’s entirety to me.  My strategy: write/recite and release.  Put material out as quick as possible, in small portions.  Listening to my mixtape, “vault purge.” Sounding pretty good.  Poetry is tightening it tail around my armor.  Love it.
My beloved Kelly, not forgotten.  Want that to be known.  Just shifting my scribe strategy.  Want to go take some pictures.  Where should I go?  Russian River?  Have been meaning to get out to Pinot land.  Can’t let my Self buy anything.  Saving money, for the self-publishing.  That takes prevenience, over realities other.  Loving this mixtape.  It has to sell...
(Tuesday, 11/23/2010)

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