Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11, Untitled.

Clocking in late, here, as I clocked out quite late, there, from the Room.  Great ideas exchanged at the meeting today.  So many ways to approach wine, marketing the wine, tasting Room, its approach to hospitality, enjoyment.  Not shooting for any word count tonight, just aiming to relax with this Terlato Syrah, ’06.  I must be back in the sack with Syrah.  Not sure why I ever left.  Well, one plausibility is that the others weren’t this fulfilling.  The others didn’t push me to write, like this.
Need the night to relax, like a winemaker after a day in harvest.  Not sure I exerted that forcefully today, in fact I know I didn’t, but I’m tired either way.  Starting to think I’m too often in session.  Which appears applaudable, but only if the pen mover knows precisely where the pages go.  Think I might, finally.  Didn’t get a mocha this morning, had to document that.  In fact, I spent no money today, at all.  So, the currency that would have been tossed at a mocha, lunch, dinner at Roberto’s, shall be bedded in the self-publishing stash, $22.
Another Syrah sip, singularly spectacular, sexy.  Pairs amazingly with these scribbles.  Excited about the new vinoLit Writers Group.  First meeting, 1-20-11.  Going to follow through with this, my new manuscript crew.  From the day’s stretch, irregularly lengthy, I’m uninterested in my words.  But, I was just looking through the books on my shelf.  Going to read, at the horrific least, one page tonight.  Need to read so much more than I do.  Literary substance, I intend.
Carolyn See’s book, ‘Lit Life’, right next to me.  Looking through her chapters.  Skimming, more.  Love her tone, idea speed.  Gentle but poignant, helpful to any writer, at any level.  Love her detailing of life, hers.  Proves that our days have value, lead to understandings and reflective/appreciative grasps.  Time to clock out, edit the first issue of Letterz, prance around in See’s book, and maybe write some more, off the record.  Whatever I elect, the Syrah will be there.  Full glass...Sip, sip.

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