Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blanked Obiter Dictum

Home from work.  My night Friday.  So much to upload tomorrow.  Hate how I’m always in record mode.  Literary-ism, debilitating.  Price of passion.  Confining all to page.  Zin, pulling me away from Syrah.  Feel like it’s jealous.  Glad I had the opportunity to do my first tour today.  With guests so amicable, curious.  Definitely worthy of contemplative course.
Wine industry consistency and validity, on the mind.  Beyond the bottle, for this industry embodies more than just the potion.  My qualms, quantifying.  But not focusing on negative as I sip this Alderbrook OVZ.  Only positivity, oenological poetry, fervently.  Need to stay connected to this session.  Thinking I may abort the Napa mission for the morrow.  Want to produce a mocha manuscript, instead.  One that stretches over 12 hours.
(Wednesday, 1-12-11)

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