Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflection: Syrah Bistro

I’m partial to this culinary beacon of edible beauty and brilliance.  I wasn’t there expecting surprises.  Frankly, I wanted the other incredible moving dinners to be trumped.  We’d been there before, many times, always sitting in the front Room.  On this visit, however, we were seated in the back, more open, and visual, locale.  Meliss started with some J Sparkling, whereas I began, as per the urgency of our lovely hostess Nicki, with a Sauvignon-based white blend.  Usually I don’t take suggestions, as I’m a stubborn wine scribbler, but I’m glad I did tonight.  Nicki also brought us a complimentary amuse plate of two steelhead tartare bites.  Memorable, and seductively savory.  Next, formal apps.  Already jittering with intrigue, impression.

Like we always do, crab cakes.  The recipe and plate arrangement is different with each stop, so I couldn’t contain my Self in the chair.  Once arrived, tasted, better than the occasion previous.  How does this restaurant, the Chef, persist with such precision, perfection?  Awesomely, tastefully, odd.  Nicki was also generous enough to provide a complimentary tasting flight of some reds to pair with filet within which I was already decided.  Left to right:  T.R. Elliot ’07 Russian River Valley Pinot, Arrowood ’03 Sonoma County Cab, and a  Box Car ’08 Sonoma Coast Syrah.  I decided to call the Cab from the ‘wood, although the Syrah was bewitching and buxom with its flavor arrangement.   
The main course, outstanding, served medium.  Better than I projected.  I expected to be disturbingly delicious.  Again, I’ve been to Syrah before, several times.  But this main plate was ever-converting.  I mean, enveloping in its presentation, flavor sequence and overall continuation.  Fantastic with the Arrowood Cab.  Then, if all to present wasn’t sufficient, Nicki offered a complimentary dessert, a deconstructed lemon cake, of some kind.  At this point, I was culinarily catatonic.  Would have stayed for more, but it was time to leave, sorrily.  This entry, beyond a simplistic recommendation, endorsement.  This, I hope, comes across as fervent praise, gratitude.  To Syrah Bistro, to our masterful guide Nicki, and to everyone who’s visited Syrah, keeping it on Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square.  Soon, hopefully quite, I’ll be sitting in another Syrah seat.  I will, trust me.  Sip, sip...

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