Tuesday, January 4, 2011

vinoLit Show, Return, 1/3/11

Felt awkward in front of the lens.  Had a great guest today, from an Anderson Valley winery.  Also with a chance, during this cast, to voice some thoughts, offerings, that I didn’t have opportunity to on the radio.  Interesting day in the Room.  But, as always, lovely.  The new winery me teaches much.  Immeasurable mental value.  All processed, recorded.  The author, grateful.  Now at home, slowing my progress.  Sipping H2O, gleefully.
Watching this now, wondering why it’s been so long.  Then, I realize the break was quite warranted, understandable.  Tired of the water, time for a nightcap.  Sip, sip...
It’s a year new, an installation hopeful...

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