Thursday, January 20, 2011

Terroirs -- A Tasting Room with Character, its Own Character

Friendly, spacious.  I’ve been looking for a tasting Room like this, collective or otherwise, since I started this blog.  Today, on my planned voyage to the picturesque town of Geyserville, I it located.  One of the owners, Daisy, told me that she and her husband, Kerry, aimed for “Sonoma Barn meets New York loft.” Impeccably delivered.  The wines, spread over three wineries, one being their own, “Palmeri Wines,” were all multi-dimensional, fervent, and nestling.  My friend Mona started with the ’09 Piña Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, from Dry Creek.  I’m still a bit timid when it comes to SB’s, as I don’t get along with overt grassiness, staunch grapefruit, or monstrous minerals.  This particular bottle offered no such arrangement.  Citrus, melon, a subtle shove of vanilla in concert with floral passion fruit.

Next, to reds.  As I a grasped and intensely appreciated the artistically refined atmospheric lounge elements around me, Mona moved to the Russian River ’07 Godwin Russian River Chardonnay, then some reds.  An ’07 Dry Creek Zin, from Piña Ridge, and an ’05 Syrah and ’07 Cabernet, both from the owners‘ fantastically flavorful Palmeri Wines label, and both from Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa’s championed Valley.  I walked away with my new bottled paramour, the ’05 Syrah.  Daisy was also generous and hospitable to the point of sending me away with gift, one of their sightly wine bags.  Oh, and another aspect that made my visit all-the-more meant for memory: Olive the puppy, Daisy and Kerry’s dog, an adorable little German Shepard; curious, kind, cutely calm.  Adding to the Room’s already wonderful character.  Wish I could sit at one of the sofa seats, with a glass, and write.  And yes, they do sell wine by the glass.  

Returning the scenery of Terroirs, one can’t help but feel free, invited to look around, at the art pieces, the courtyard, or out at the magnetism of Geyserville Avenue.  No excess of merchandise to dodge, around which you should tailor your stroll.  This tasting Room has unforgettable character, a cherishable charisma, only furthered by wondrous wines.  I’ll be taking the Syrah to dinner tonight, undoubtedly.  In front of the circular ottoman, you might see a flatscreen, offering a sequential capture of the various terroirs that birthed the wine you’ll soon come to love.  Wine should represent terroir, I think.  And, as you’ll experience and learn, through warm and giving hospitality and wine education, Daisy and Kerry get it, manifold.  Just hearing her views on wine and terroir today was not just informative, but inspiring.  Thanks to the crew at Terroirs for a great Geyserville mission.  Hope you don’t mind if I’m there, a lot, writing and wine-loving.  I’m serious.  Can’t wait to pop this ’05 Napa Syrah!  Thanks, Daisy!  Sip, sip ... 

(Thursday, 1-20-11)  

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