Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Nothing for vend, tonight.  But I wish to generate a few extra bills.  So that leaves the wine-loving writer nowhere.  Maybe that’s a beautiful locale, with no obsessive preoccupations.  The first installment of the 3-page trend, done.  Wondering if there’s a such thing as writing too much.  The Malbec tells me no.  It’s my Friday night.  I can do what I elect.  Perhaps the night’s cork should be a drop of the Dry Creek Zin I have in the box downstairs, in the kitchen by the table.  Seems like I have wine all over the place in this condo castle.  Feeling aslant.  I should just relax, watch a move, not write.  Is that possible?  Let’s see what the sips say...
(Wednesday, 1-19-11)

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