Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lectures Notes

What I was scribbling earlier.  Everything from Literary response arrangement to creative wine reactions, to spoken word, to character-based fiction.  Pedagogy involves a multitude of flavors, angles.  There is no correct layout.  But, the student has to be concern’s forefront.  As much, the integrity of the subject entailing Literary cords.  Looking at the barrels today, snapping still after still, I thought of the thousand words that could accompany each.  Barrels, a holding spot for libation, effort, prowess, art, creation.  Beyond prized, precious.
The notes of the day’s lectures involved a linear haphazardness.  Confusing, engaging.  I’m more Literary than “industry” tonight, all today.  From here continuing.  I want to read student papers toiling in aimless deliberation for one paragraph of a master’s text.  I want obsessed students, ones that read like I read in grad school, write like I do now, value reflective and mental vivacity.  I want to be at Stanford.
-Imagist stream of consciousness prose...
-Voice of character vs. the character of the narrator vs. the character of the author
-Pen to paper merit in the world of laptop authors: “Imperatively Pen and Paper.”     
No pictures of barrels in this entry, because I only want words, here.  Is this installation wine-inspired, like the vinoLit Letterz?  Unabashedly, yes.  That Carignane, ’06.  Again.  But that doesn’t detract from acuity, validity.  If anything, I’m freer.  Closing this little monster of a laptop.  Off to the pen and paper.  I want to see ink traces.  That’s Literary.
(Tuesday, 1-18-11) 

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