Friday, January 7, 2011


4:53p.  Need a boost.  Is it time for a Diet Coke?  Class of Sauv Blanc?  A beer?  Truly, at loss.
Just took a Coke from the fridge.  Can’t push the thoughts from Border’s, yesterday, from my head.  Why don’t I have a book on the shelves, books?  Not going to say I’m impressed, but I am somewhat daunted by how much I have written, just in the last two years, since the burst of inspiration in late ’08.  The cold outside is worth a couple lines.  Uncomfortable, refreshing, harsh, generous.  Makes me miss the Sunriver snow.  Cold weather pairs magically with writing, especially elongated entries, I feel.  Poetry, to me, calls for warm weather, summer storms, lightning shows, thunder drums.  Clocking out early, from these charcoal keys.  In need of ink.  Sip, sip...

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