Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Stops

Stopped by once before, during the day, and only briefly.  After work, about a week ago, decided to return for an after shift round, check out the wine selection, appreciate the aura, what be.  All about this hotel, the bar, lounge area, completely conducive to a relaxing evening, cocktail hour.  The pro tending bar, Mr. Tory, was not only knowledgeable, but generous, and encouraging with the selection of wines, accommodating after I divulged the profiles I find appealing.  I need to pop in when they have the jazz nights.  Can’t remember when that’s held, but I’ll check the site or call to find out.  Loved the low lighting, the fireplace area.  Sharp, special, sexy.

Back-a to Napa.  Love the other side of the mountain.  I don’t care what feuding Sonoma Valleyers’ll say.  First stop, Provenance.  I’d had their wines before, from local merchants and markets.  But, when I walked through the Room’s doors, I stood exasperated.  Loved everything from the floor, to the flowers, barrel views, to the wine flight’s entirety.  Simplistic beauty.  Pristine, poignant.  The bar was shapely and seductive.  The hospitality, provided by Debbie and Kristin, easy and informative.  Both were so relatable, comforting.  They BOTH made it tough for this wine-obsessed poet to leave.  Categorically hospitable.  This is what makes me hop over the hill.  Loved the Sauvignon Blanc, walked away with a bottle.  And the Merlots, Cabs, almost intimidatingly tasty.  Oh, also left with one of the courageous Cab Francs.  I was gleefully undisciplined with my spending.  And proud of it...  

St. Supéry.  Incredible.  I’m speechless.  Having a bottle’s worth of difficulty writing this reaction.  Not only was each wine riveting, disturbingly delicious, but the art on the labels were worthy of contemplative curvature.  The Cabs, the illustrative pushes on the bottles.  I walked away with the 2005 Élu, an amalgamation of Cab, Melot, Petit Verdot, and Cab Franc.  Laurie provided the pours, graciously, with familial conversation, insight.  I’ve been meaning to stop by here as well, for some time, as an old friend of mine used to work here.  Glad I pulled into the long sightly driveway on this drizzly day.  Saving my blend for an occasion, planning for this Supéry bottle.  Can’t wait to sip, sip...

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