Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Wineland, Alderbrook, Day 2 [Sunday, 1-16-2011]

Weather, not nearly as stellar as yesterday, but still a good time.  I was at the Confluence table, on the patio, which I today tagged the “Confluence Corner.” My blogging counterpart, Ms. Heidi, inside, by the pasta and Carignane,  ’06 Estate Zin.  Much of the same as yesterday, great encounters, many of which were with people from my old neighborhood, San Mateo.  I was impressed, unannouncedly moved, by the voiced reactions to the Zin/Syrah concert.  One lady called it a “pleasant storm of flavor.” A young man, about my age, said it “pleasurably parted his palate.” I remember asking my Self, “Did the Literary world get a memo about this event, our prized Alderbrook Room, Island?” 
Once the fog conceded, a crisp tranquility nestled atop the Valley of Zin.  Today, a stroke or two more wintery than yester, but still magical.  A river of wine-inspired moments.  Was internally lachrymose, upon day’s close.  How is it over, already?  A great time, both days, each their own varietal, blend of memorable moments.  Glad I live in a Wineland.  A Literary Wineland.  Season, not chief.
Sip, sip ... Till next winter   

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