Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Wineland, Alderbrook, Day 1 [Saturday, 1-15-2011]

With stations ready, people landed ready to taste some Dry Creek red.  And white, as the Terlato Chardonnay, ’06, was poured at the front door.  Again, and I’ll persist with this motion, this is what wine is supposed to do, what it always does: make an occasion.  Paired with some pasta, bread, served in the dinning Room, followed by some ’06 Confluence on the patio, poured by my new blogging buddy Heidi and I.  The weather, unfamiliarly gorgeous.  With so much rain recent, today was a Spring/Summer hybrid of immeasurable gratification.  Truly heavenly.  Honestly, the day’s climatic novelty was almost more complimented, compelling, than the wines poured.  Made me laugh, grin.  Everyone else, as well.
Will be back tomorrow, for the second episode.  Funny, “Winter” Wineland.  Didn’t feel like winter.  Not even a little.  And the guests didn’t act like it was winter, with all the hula hooping and bocce ball matches on the grass.  Definitely memorable.  Sure that tomorrow will be consistent with today’s greatness.  Or as my friend Heidi would say, “ultra” great.  

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