Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Burg, Squared

Healdsburg Square.  It’s hard to adequately appreciate all the tasting Rooms in one day.  But, one day last week I had the chance to visit a couple.  Didn’t do much tasting, but I had the clock allowance to meet some great people, experience incredible aesthetic tasting Room realities, and just, again, appreciate what the Burg has to offer, both visitors and locals.  I’d been to Williamson’s before, but I wanted to drop in, just to say hi and taste that Sauv Blanc and Merlot I did on my first visit.  Paid another visit to the pristinely elegant Room of Boisset Family Estates, offering a number of producers, domestic to foreign, entailing one of my preferreds, DeLoach.  Just love the feel and flavor of this Room.  Also love the bubbly available, among else.  Never get over their Room. 

Discovered Topel.  A small, cozy corner offering everything from blends to Syrahs to Cabs to a couple Sauv Blancs.  
Also discovered--can’t believe I never knew about this spot on Healdsburg’s Square--a Ferrari-Carano tasting Room, adorned with relics and antiques, art and collectables, in addition to outstanding wines, of course.  Like I always post in the blurbs of this blog: wine entails discovery, learning, education, Self-education.  I continue to descend ever-deeper in adoration of this square.  And it’s only a few blocks from my winery’s Room.  Fortunate and thankful, as words don’t satisfactorily capture my state.
Honestly, today was one to appreciate what’s in the town, what’s near to work.  I don’t have a favorite, among these Rooms.  So don’t ask.  They all have a distinguished dimension that the other doesn’t.  And that’s what wine is supposed to be: diverse, deliciously different, encouraging, exploratory.  On my next day off, I’m here vowing, I scurrying up to Healdsburg’s diamond of a Square, with a whimsical wallet.  These four spots, where the scribe starts.  Sip, sip...  

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