Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mike only started to type at 6:26p.  This was a day beyond lazy.  Yes, it was productive in AM’s territory, where he drove to Napa for his meeting.  But the day’s remainder, he didn’t know what was supplied.  What did he do today?  Looking around his office, being able to actually see the floor, told him.  De-clutter.  He took another nap, as well.  Hated himself for that.  But he felt good.
He opened his screenwriting program, typed some dialogue.  Only words from characters.  No action, direction.  His focus was characters, characters.  He took a sip, one rather hefty, of the Grenache his friend gave him.  He set it down, rushed.  Dialogue, he thought.  Words.  Emotion.  Believability.
STAN:  How do you know that’s the vintage they ordered?
JACK:  Um, I don’t, actually.  This is the better one.  So they’ll be happy.  And if not...
STAN:  And if not...
JACK:  They don’t know wine.  They shouldn’t be club members.
The script would be tended to later.  He needed to gather Self.  He again knew, that the blog must be ceased by 2011’s close.  No more writing for free, he thought, assured Self.  These “connections” didn’t add to the account balance.  The Grenache, sipped, sipped.  He looked through the pictures in both camera, phone.  didn’t know if he could let the blog go to close.  Confused, he sipped again.  Scribbled.

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