Monday, April 11, 2011

Cosentino: Artistic, Literary, Quite Convincing

Yountville.  Finally had the chance to stop by after some business in downtown Napa.  Adding this to my list of go-to’s.  As soon as I approach the bar, I’m greeted by the very sweet and congenial, not to mention immeasurably knowledgeable, Sarah.  She began the tasting with a White Bordeaux, blend of Sauv Blanc and Semillion, antagonistically titled “The Novelist.”  Lovely citrus notes complemented by hovering honeysuckle, melon.  Both of the Chardonnays that succeeded were crisp and Burgundian with approach to and presence on palate.  Either Chard would be great before meal, or with, especially paired with a light pasta, or fish-ish dish.  
Reds.  Decided to taste just two Cabs, both ’06, one of which a Reserve, and a Meritage, dubbed “The Poet.” All three reminded me why this Napa Valley vortex of adoration has me so smitten, so subscribed, so swooned.  The Cabernet, not the Reserve, at only $40/bottle; its astonishing aesthetic acumen and flavor waves, unrivaled in my journeys in any wine valley.  The Poet, a red Meritage, $65; something you want to save for a gathering, a occasion that’ll be relished, photographed.  You could drink it in its solitude, as its progression is that melodically fluid, but I see it shinning more optimally with a multi-dimensional meal.  A filet, peppered, or a spicy pasta, an Amatriciana, something comparable. 

Believing the tasting concluded, Ms. Sarah surprised me with a splash of the ’05 Cab.  Incredible, riveting in the arrangement of nuance, flavor tempo.  Not sure how much this one costs, but I wouldn’t care.  This, like The Poet, should be saved, cellared.  Glad I decided to pull over, stop at a spot that everyone, like my friend Ed, who actually does the social media for Cosentino, has long been urging.  Demanding me to put it on the blog.  Here it is.  I post joyously, believe me.  Pay them a visit, and set aside a hardy parcel of time for your tasting, as to enjoy the hospitality, wine, and pervading tasting Room dimension.  Oh, and for the outside panoramic, bring a camera.  You won’t be sorry.  You know what, I need to go back.  I need one of those ’06 Cabs.  The Poet.  Ugh, and the ’05.  Thanks, Sarah.  Now I’m broke.  But at least I’ll sip striking wine atop a hallow wallet.  Sip, sip ...

(4/10/11, Sunday)

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  1. Thanks, Mike, for the post! Glad you had a good time and enjoyed the wines. Next time give me a shout and we'll hit it up old style.