Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Napa Chick & The SoCo Kid: Mission 4, The Return

Finished editing the footage of Napa Chick and I.  Napa continues to entice, proselytize me, with its bold notes.  Both of these wineries show me approaches fresh, unique, universal.  Still confused as to why some in Sonoma County have a rift with this glory on the mountains‘ other side.  When I thought I was leaning towards Pinot, now I find mySelf in the gracious grip of unmatched Cabs.  Just watching, I want to go back.  First thing tomorrow morning.  You know what, why not?  Thinking that’s another thing wine entails, encourages: SPONTANEITY.  Danica’s insights also showed me there’s always a new manner in which to evaluate a wine, like the Sauv Blanc from Peju, the 2000 Cab from Far Niente.  Marvelous mission.  Watching the clips.  Over, over ...     

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