Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission: Back Room Wines ...

Tasting, Prospecting 
Finally had a chance to attend a pouring here.  I’d been in before, a couple times, on lunch breaks.  Earlier yesterday, met Owner and Wine Merchant Dan Dawson.  He told me there’d be a pouring of Sierra Madre, and that Winemaker Steve Rasmussen would about the crowd.  Answering questions, greeting, pouring.  So, as soon as I clocked out, I was there, with a new blogging buddy, Justine.  I walked around the Room earlier, observed what producers were represented.  Abroad, intramural.  Definitely a variety demanding concentration.  But not obnoxious in quantity.  Stabilizing, impressively continuous in quality.  Back to present: we headed for the couches, the tall tables, to the Sierra Madre bottles.
Dan greeted J and I, started us on the ’09 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Blanc.  I liked the setup of the event, in the shop’s bar/lounge area.  The wine in bowl, gracefully subtle, yet assertively energetic with citrus notes and bright acidity.  Next, ’09 Santa Maria Pinot Gris.  Even more uniquely formatted in palate approach.  We then poured ourselves, as per the proprietor’s permission, the ’08 Chard and ’07 Pinot.  A Pinot that flavorful, different, for $30, a must-add to the cellar.  Justine was smart, taking it upon Self to get a bottle, the ’09 Gris.

What I like about this wine spot in Napa’s ever-adorable downtown, most, is its wine array and more-than-optimal stage for wine-anchored events, for which it has quite the record.  It doesn’t beg frenzy, but rather invites melodic interactive synergy.  And the wines featured tonight, with their innovatory creator, rewarding.  Educating.  Still thinking about that Pinot, as I sit here in my studio, a commute--my commute--away, wishing I bought one.  Not that far from the dominant component to my continuance, so I’ll be walking through Dan’s doors.  Soon.  With lots of money.  Maybe not lots, but some.  For Steve’s Pinot, among a cart else.  Looking to add to my cellar.  And believe me, while walking about the racks, on lunch, I found future collection denizens.  Sip, sip ...    
(4/27/11, Wednesday)

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