Friday, April 29, 2011

SipNScribble -- Seated, Repeated

Excited about the Hall Winery event tomorrow.  Incredible day at NewWineGig, today.  All, in this Literary Wine Life, harmonized.  Sensationally syncopated.  Sipping a bit more of that ’08 Dry Creek Petite.  Not sure what form tomorrow’s project will take.  But is that not what makes wine writing so salient, the lack of knowns?  Part of it, intently.  Knowing me, I’ll hop back over the hill, from Hall, with more material than  I know how to manage.  Sipping more Petite, as to evade premature overwhelm.  Had a thought, again, today, of owning my own tasting Room, producing my own wine.  I can sell others’ wines, but could I my own bottles sustainably vend?  Am going to at the very least try.  One day.  Till such surfaces, I’ll just sip, sip ... And scribble ... 
(4/29/11, Friday) 

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