Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pinot Pause, Claws

Ghostly, gorgeously ghoulish.  Magic, marvelously menacing.  Enough alliteration for one night.  This varietal continues to entrap.  Sip 1 ... wild berries with subtle spice; finding Self settling into its sermon.  Just when I have a categorical approach for this Burgundian beast, I’m bumped off path.  Lingering waves of colorful chords in this varietal, especially with the ’07 vintage.  Not light.  Cunning, in both palate gravity and interaction.  Sip 2 ...  a slithering swath of seduction.  There I go again.  See what this grape does to me?  An unavoidable perennial Pinot ode.  Something I can’t control.  Why?  The grape.  She knows what she’s doing.  She has to.  What’s in the glass, too scintillating.
(3/6/11, Wednesday)

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