Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday’s wineries, both treats. Valley of the Moon, and one of my eternal attachments, Mayo. Hadn’t been to Valley in some time. It was Meliss’, a.k.a. Alice’s, notion. Glad we did, as the wines were every bit as expansive and enrapturing as I remember. Jack was our host. Witty, informative, entertaining. Meliss wanted to start with whites, so we did. A couple Chardonnays, the Pinot Blanc. Some sparklings, one of which we bought a bottle to have with lunch. I chose to additionally taste the 2009 Rosato di Sangiovese, an ’09 Carneros Pinot, and the ’08 Sonoma County Cab. All scoring 3.5 to 4.5 with me. Yes, I’m using a rating system now. Was easy to use with Valley of the Moon, as all their wines suit my palate.
After the tasting, Alice and I walked out the door, took a hard right as to walk around the building. We enjoyed a nice lunch paired with the NV Russian River Sparkling. Crisp, delicious, unique. Incredible weather, nice vineyard vistas, gentle wind whisks. Again, I’m urged by the surrounding intricacies how lucky Alice and I are to live here. How fortunate we all are, here in Sonoma County. With lunch done, we decided one more tasting Room had to be hit. Not a surprise where we’d next be. And it needn’t be unexpected. Why not add to an already marvelous day by visiting some wine friends, their tasting Room?

Mayo. Back again. I needed to sip from some of these bottles. Been too long. Alice wanted some of Mayo’s staggeringly swift sparkling, as did I. But my good buddy Rich said I should start with some Chardonnay. Whoa; rich, not excessively weighty, formidably flavorful; deep. Since on the Burgundian path, why not lean on some Pinot? Poured me the ’07 “Barnstormer,” followed by the 2008 Sonoma Valley/Laurel Hill Vineyard. Both astonishing interpretations of the varietal. Jazzy, sporadically frenzied, stormy with mysterious note arrangement. Bought one bottle of the Sparkling, for Alice. I’ll come back for a couple Pinots. And the Cabs, especially that ’07 I had a few months ago.

Been a while since I’d had a day of tasting on this side of the mountain. By mySelf, or with Alice. The varietal/style of the day, have to say Pinot. No surprise, again. Want to put forth a refresher course for mySelf, as to be re-familiarized, re-acquainted with Kenwood, Glen Ellen. Sonoma Valley’s entirety. Not going to wait long, either. Believe me. Yesterday taught me that much. Sip, sip ...

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