Sunday, April 24, 2011

Winery Reflection: Deerfield Ranch Winery

Love everything from the entrance, to the cave, especially, to winemaker Robert Rex’s absurdly acute aptitude for bottled brilliance.  I pulled in, so eager to take pictures, shoot footage while walking down the cave to the tasting Room, I could barely stay on the somewhat narrow driveway to the parking spaces.  Have always loved Deerfield’s location, so as soon as I stepped out the Scion, I snapped.  Picture, another.  Another.  To the wines, I told mySelf.  While walking down the infinite cave corridor to the tasting Room, more of a cozy tasting Lounge, or lobby, I tried to remember what varietals were poured here.  For what were they noted, remembered?  Coralie helped me get re-acquainted.  

A Sauv Blanc start, ’09.  Crisp mellon, tropicality, slight peach, bright mouthfeel.  Then, to the ’04 Pinot.  Yes, I said ’04.  What a swift delivery of flavorous rapture.  Before moving to the other pours, I noticed that all the wines boasted older vintages.  ’06 Red Rex, one of the wines for which Deerfield is most known, tangling seven different varietals; ’06 Estate Syrah, which I thought could still use a bit more aging, startlingly, but still serene, sippable; a 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, from the Chamizal Vineyards, one of the star pours of the day.  Coralie continued in her impressive hospitality with three concluding pours: the ’03 Meritage, the 2001 DRX, and the 2000 Meritage.  All, outlandishly ostentatious, dashing in flavor flow and character.  Why has it taken this writer so long to revisit?  

Saw some other wine world friends while there, Michelle, and Assistant Tasting Room Manager Steve.  Between interactions, I just walked around, delighted by my surroundings.  Pretty busy day for Deerfield, and I was happy for them.  This is a winery that delivers wine experience entirety, candidly.  I wanted to stay, just hang out.  Didn’t want to walk back down that barreled hallway, to the Scion, out the sightly narrow road.  Not yet.  So I did, remain caved.  Just walked around, took some pics, enjoyed my time in the dashing dim-lit den, with the guests, wines, barrels.  Loved the little teddy bear on the barrel, leaning against his Rex bottle.  Must have connected a little too tangibly, my cuddly little friend.

Another ingredient that made this return to “The Field,” as I occasionally call it, special, was that it wasn’t in any way scheduled.  I kind of knew what to expect, as I’d always recommended the winery to guests, when I was behind the bar.  But, today, “impressed” is not the simplistic qualifier I’m electing to attach to Rex’s wines, Coralie’s enamoringly adorable and wine-wise hospitality, Ben’s command of a tasting Room.  I’m injecting “dexterous,” and/or “deific.” Wine needs a place and people like this behind it.  Guests need a wine experience of this magnitude at least once in their lives.

Finally made my way down the hall, out to the parking space.  But not before a couple more button pushes.  Almost forgot how heavenly, eminent, the Deerfield property is.  Especially now, with bud break in motion.  Should I go back in?  No.  Will plan a re-revisit.  Soon.  Already know what I’ll get.  I think.  Maybe one of each.  We’ll see. 

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