Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reaction to Existence Infraction

Another extraordinary day on Napa’s stage.  Sipping its majesty now, I realize my new home found, its pervading significance.  Will definitely be revisiting the Roasting Company, on 1st & Main, enjoying my lunch break in front of lined page.  Tomorrow, maybe just a regular coffee, as richly enjoyable as was my delightful frappuccino.  Use to long for offsite writing, now I have it.  Each day, Monday through Friday.  The Napa ’06 blend now in glass: deep, damp earthiness, spicy wild blueberry, caramelized character with a dauntingly extended, uncompromised finish.  I don’t need to sip right now.  Just enjoying the multilayered flavor aftershocks.

That little table, marble top, in the corner of the coffee shop, mine.  For the book.  Time, now, 8:24p.  Another sip...ravishing.  Need to put that on my descriptor list.  This Bordeaux, urging me to let go, enjoy life.  Time, dealt me a destructuring welt with the death of my dearest Professor Coleman.  Feeling angry, with life’s turns.  All moments, like this one, here on the downstairs couch, savored, like a Napa bull of a blend.  If a preemptive end wants this writer, it can advance.  Learning perceptive volumes from Poe’s pages, Pac’s talks.  Scribble till I fizzle...
Professor Coleman urged me to maintain ideological sovereignty, integrity.  So, even in this “industry,” I’ll never ingest any pill, chug any Kool-Aid.  Need to yank my indignation’s leash.  I'm immeasurably sad, and angered by this news. Life is too short, unfairly so. We all need to pursue what we wish, and love those that love us, all days. Prof. Coleman was a wonderful man. Still is, to me. Can't even put into words how he changed me, the way I think, the way I evaluate matters, academic and existential. His lectures shaped my sense of Self. I am devoted to perpetuating his presence. Readers will with it collide, pleasantly, envelopingly, on my pages. Raising glass to my Professor, my colleague, my friend.  Sip, sip ...

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