Sunday, April 17, 2011

Studio Log

Writing, impromptu reciting.  Feels good 2B free in artistry.  This Pinot, speaking to me, fervently.  One track, recorded.  Shooting for one more.  What am I trying to accomplish?  Not sure.  Just life, I think.  To be truly alive.  Not just to merely exist.  Some, even characters close to me, have a hard time understanding my mission.  And that’s fine.  They don’t write, recite.  But tonight, I more than might.  How does Pinot make Mike so productive?  Time, 7:45p.  Still haven’t printed the pages I wanted to.  Not on any schedule set, this evening.  Relaxing.  Delighting in delusions.  Beautiful, this Inman Pinot.  Swirling me, more than I do the glass’ pour.  Back in Wonderland.
(4/17/11, Sunday)

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