Monday, April 11, 2011

vinoLit, 4/9/11

In the wine world, discovery and occasion.  Glad I finally got to Cosentino.  Great wines, hospitality.  Neat tasting Room.  Love Yountville.  With MikesWineLounge coming to an end, I think of what my eventual WineLounge will look like.  What feel will it graciously, humbly impose on visitors?  Want to have wines of Cosentino’s caliber behind the bar, on the racks for people to purchase.

Just another great day.  That’s why I shot this episode.  What else is out there, in that Napa Valley?  Guess I’ll have to fly back.  And within that thought, I’ll be here, in the chair, at the keys, sipping the Cab/Syrah blend, hoping it’ll all happen again.

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