Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mechanized Insight, Hall Pass

NEw movie on screen.  No editing in this entry.  No photo, either.  Feel like I’m obligated to post a picture with my prose on this “blog.” Which is precisely the warrant for why I quarrel with a blog.  A book not needeth photos.  Yes, when 2011 shuts, so doth mikeslognoblog.  Looking at the mic, its stand, to right.  Should record one more track.  One more extemporized effort.  Would be a more useful use of time than checking in with “social” media “accounts.” I just want to write books.  And it’s quite plausible that such a drive unhealthily slide my stride.
Tomorrow, I’m selling wine.  Lots of it.  Going to shock mySelf, the page.  A couple more spaces, and I’m truly clocking out for this evening.  At least it’s not excessively late.  Even if it were, I’d still revel in the comfort of this Madigan abode.  Cigarettes; don’t smoke them, but I find them a captivating image for character.  Sip ...

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