Monday, May 30, 2011

1 Day Into 32nd

The ideas keep coming.  Lovely.  Must be these new pictures, with the new camera.  The vines, vibrant, as joyous as this writer on his day off, this Memorial Day.  Feeling peaceful in this new number.  And that’s all it is, truly.  The wine bar beats, more magnetic than yesterday, if that’s believable.  Tomorrow morning, leaving early, as to capture early rays on the vines.  MikeMadigaWineMedia, coming to life, and this new device, only accelerating idealized actuality, creative & vocational autonomy.  Not just the business, but the writing.  Responding to these photos, a bottomless crater of creativity.  Can’t believe how green the leaves are here in Sonoma Valley.  Hopefully this overcast will retreat, and soon sun the sky secretes.  Four days this week at NWG.  Learning so much, it’s almost frightening.  Why inject that word?  I’m becoming obsessed with every quality, intricacy, of the wine business’ beautiful body.  My first affair.  Sip, sip ...
[5/30/11, Monday]

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