Thursday, May 5, 2011

“True Epistles,” Lecture Notes

Dependence on technology, hinderance; a perverted passion; POISON
As wine demands attentive time, times, so doth the page
Writings, no matter type, genre, shape, are letters, to Self; Just as wine stands something for its Maker to sip
Real session demands, intrinsically entails, unhinged spins, no dependence; no buttons, cords, media, devices, drones
For lines to be TRUE, they have to embody Truth, Truths, those yours ... You’re the author, the Creator, just as the winemaker fiddles with levels, so do we with these sheets
The Truths, must carry love for the Creative Process, capitals intentional
Knowing when to close the sitting, when to give your Letters rest, painfully arduous, distasteful, like oxidized wine
Turn the laptop off, my friend ... Take a sip
(5/5/11, Thursday)

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