Sunday, May 15, 2011

Petite Syrah Reflection

Syrah, Now Petite ... And in My Mind, Complete

Love this new arranged rearrangement.  Cozy, even more comfortably elegant than before.  And I didn’t think such was plausible, as I was already in love with place.  So was Meliss.  We decided to do a little surveillance, see the new sequence, have a glass of wine, order an app.  She started with a glass of the ever-encircling ’09 Sonoma-Loeb Chardonnay.  I went with the Alexander Valley Cab Franc blend from Farrier, 2007, as per the she jotting our orders.  Unbelievably layered, luscious, my selection, the wine mine.  Had never heard of this label before, so I asked our beatifically convivial hostess Marlaina, who I learned is also the wine navigator at Petite Syrah, about this AV faction.  She informed me of levels all, even bringing the bottle out for me to appreciate.  Had never had a host, hostess, provide such, accommodate quirks like this wine writer’s.
Terrifically taken aback by the decor, acoustics, menu arrangement, and of course the wine, we just conversed on the change.  We both like the shift, thought it Lounge-y, more inviting, with a pervasively tranquil angle.  For our starter, we elected the Fingerling POTATOES: Crisped / Parsley / Cara Cara Aioli.  “How unique, or riveting, could this be?” I asked mySelf.  I thought of this as a bit of a test, for this new concept.  What could they do with Fingerling Potatoes that would rattle a critical palate like mine?  Well, I was jolted jubilantly.  No, I was humbled.  I was silenced.  Put in my place.  Incredible texture, flavor coherence, plate presentation.  And the aioli, a dipping narcotic, believe me.  A bonus, it paired quite well with my ’07.

Still in love with this spot on Santa Rosa’s 5th Avenue.  Further infatuated.  Next time we’re back, I’ll be getting another deluge of that Farrier, and the Hanger Steak that I saw the couple to the right of us enjoying.  Encompassingly, expectations trumped.  Glad Syrah went Petite.  As my adoration of this delicious structure, now on imagination repeat.  Another wine location for Mellis, mySelf.  Sipping, thinking about sipping there.

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