Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Script Grape Drip

Don’t want to wait for this camera to “sync,” for the photos.  Why does this “wine blog” have to have pictures?  Why can’t it be a book, with a URL?  Can’t believe I even addressed that in this entry.  Tomorrow night, opening a ’94.  Is it a ’94?  Can’t remember.  Could go into the kitchen and remove that tissue paper.  But I feel like that would be violation.  Want to be true to this writing of wine like makers of wine would be loyal to their samples.  Feel like I represent the world of wine like those in “the industry” for years aren’t able to.  Merging the Literary, the Oenological.  That’s how I’ll 4ever continue.  Just like the Exchange of Ideas with Dad, 2nite, all cerebral flashes slide through thrown corridors.  And the varietals, multitudinous, shield Self.  This moment, here, in the day’s last hour, why I desire a wine’s time, as it does mine.  Clocking out.  

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