Friday, May 13, 2011

No picture for this post.  Just expression.  Relief, rejuvenation, replenishment.  Two days off, after the 12 day stretch.  Tomorrow, I promise a more textured, complex, entry from me.  That ’93 Sonoma Valley Cab, on my desk.  Staring at her right now.  And she returns lenses, not even for eyelash lap.  What do I sip in front of her?  That same Malbec I always do when at keys.  She, my gracing Cab, isn’t the least bit intimidated by this brief episodic interaction with the less-gravitated Malbec.  This ’93, knows what she’ll deliver to me.  Her magic appreciates; Her story compiles.  She’s confident, night, storm and serenading symphony.  Her voice slides in sequence from the bottle, without it opening.  How does she do that?  Can wait till she’s poured, and we truly connect.

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