Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain Post, In-Wait

Love rain and wine.  Waiting for the podcast to upload.  And I don’t mind, the obnoxious technological stall.  Just enjoying my pours.  Surprised at how forcefully these drops descend.  Great day at NWG today, even though last night’s ’07 Mayo Cabernet followed me into the car, to Highway 12, to the office.  So, I now sip slow.  Pouring for mySelf like I do guests in the tasting Room.  One obnoxious character from yesterday still on the inner chalkboard.  Should I write about her, her entitlement?  Is she worth it?  Would she sell?  Of course she would.  It would, I hope, prompt readers to ask, “How could you be so crabby, ill-mannered, when out tasting wine?  Especially with a view like that?” The tasting Room, even the “VIP” Room, invaluably inexhaustible for these pages.

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