Friday, May 27, 2011

2 New Wine Treasures

Little Vineyards.  Went there once, like a fool, when it was closed.  Decided to visit again, on a day I was sure they were open.  Thursday.  Did a full tasting inside, with Linda.  Each pour rattled me.  The non-vintaged Band Blend, the ’08 Syrah, ’08 Petite Sirah.  My favorite: 2008 Center Stage.  Like the formidable reds at this Little spot, tucked away scenically, serenely, to the side and behind B.R. Cohn.  Linda told me that the bar at which I was tasting came from an old bar in downtown Glen Ellen, where Jack London himself, one of my favorite novelists of ever time, used to sit, scribble, sip and smoke.  In fact, it’s rumored that the burn marks on this counter’s surface owe genesis to Mr. London himself.  
The collective profile of these reds: deep, pronounced, haunting.  Lingering.  They pushed more than a lasting impression in my mental recorder, my notebook when I returned home from my newest of winery discoveries.  Mr. London still with, as well, telling me to soon go back, buy a bottle of the Band Blend, 2008’s Center Stage.

Robert Craig.  Had wanted to taste a bottle from this winery for years.  And the other night, thanks to my longtime wine comrade, Mr. Adam Glatt.  Enjoyed a bottle of the 2008 Affinity, which is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon.  Boastful notes of blackberry, herbs, slight tobacco or cigar box, chocolate, carrying me to an animated finish.  As I understand it, this bottle, Affinity, is RC’s flagship.  Not difficult to decipher the reasoning.  This wine is provocative, textured, ravishingly redolent, and this wine writer’s terrifically assured the others at Craig’s Napa tasting salon continue such.  Looking for my phone, as I eyelessly type.  Need to give Mr. Glatt a ring.  Want some more seductive Cabernet serums on palate, brain.  I understand they have a Zin, Chardonnay, and a Cab/Cab Franc cuvee.  Another adventure, on books.  In journal.  To locate, capture, more treasure.

[5/27/11, Friday]

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