Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tranquility about me.  Malbec, poetry.  The vineyards, layering in lusciousness.  Lovely.  This morning, so tempted to pull over, push the camera’s button.  Could wake early in the morrow’s blossom, charge the camera tonight.  You know what, I should, the Mendoza pour urges with its rarefied surges.  Oenological onomatopoeia, true grape fluidity.  The bottles on my desk: an ’07 Meritage, a ’93 SoCo Cab, which I think I’ve written on prior.  One to be deployed this weekend.  Saturday, a wine writing mission, but to where?  Wine, meant 2B mystery.  Have to get ready for rest, in clock’s near, even if I want to just type into distant evolves.  Will just enjoy what the glass gifts.
[5/19/11, Thursday]

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