Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Varietal of night, Merlot.  ’07, Santa Cruz Mountains, for dinner with Mom and Dad.  They told me the tasting Room isn’t far from the hospital at which I was introduced to stage.  Made me think.  About everything.  Time.  How this month I’ll be another more aged.  Have to be a Literary Wine Warrior.  Only way to appreciate, delight in, this day.  This 07’s profile: Melodically deep, raspberry, harmony tannins with exhibitive mint and cocoa chords.  Incredible resonance after sip.  I, as a pen mover, envy this wine’s stature, swagger. 
I think about a Chardonnay I had the other night.  Not sure why.  Wait, now I do.  It surprised me, with its tenacious tenor; its lees-laced play.  I remember thinking, “Why did I order this?” Glad I was surprised, unintentionally jolting Self.  Tired, after the day.  Still haven’t taken pictures of the vines, neither to nor from NWG.  And, as it happens, it is sure to rain, so sayeth the weather basket-cockle.  So I may have to wait for that morning forward of cosmic beams to deliver vineyard splendor.  I’ll have to wait.  Sipping more Merlot till then.

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