Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost an Almost to Toast

Thursday March 18, 2010. Sipping a Napa Cuvee. Amazing. No formal review for this one, just going to let you know I’m happy. But you know what’s more important that wine, or Had the best time tonight with Mom, Dad, and Katie. Why I’m of such blessing, no idea. Just acknowledging I delighted in the occasion. Wine, a wondrous world, I realize, especially when I hear my sis talk about it. A winemaker’s perspective is fascinating, and invaluable when flooding into the ears of writer like I.
Can’t believe BOOK ONE is done. Now I have to edit. Hate that part. Sip...
“Profanity lacks precision,” Dad said tonight. While engaging and polemic, I have to disagree. What type of profanity are we talking about? Is it in excess? If so, then I would agree. Indiscriminate vulgarity lacks target, focus. Dad, the philosophy major, always vocalizes something that has dissertation potential. I’m moved, provoked. Do I speak that eloquently? Need to get out of the community college classroom, and into Stanford’s halls.
Need to be more meticulous about my note taking practices, habits. Dad used some word, and I can’t remember what it was (when he was talking about how he made his workbench in the garage). Tomorrow’s lecture will wow the class. I’m going to jolt the bodies in the chairs. If wine is Lit, then we are all varietals. What am I? A tannic bully of a Cabernet. My appellation, California. I’m everywhere, all over this territory. I am my own genre, like Poe, Pac, Plath, just as each winery is its own genre. Wine is Lit!
My socks are bugging me. Talk about a random address. What will BOOK2 be about? Probably the same thing, me. But there has to be a controlling and creative contrast. Market my duality, my inner pluralism.

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