Friday, March 12, 2010

Review of VJB, 2007 Barbara, Mendocino County

A strangely comforting light red. Velvet, smooth color with a breezy, enticing nose promising ghostly fruit to inhabit the palate. The character of this wine sits and relaxes with its sipper. Sedated tannins, and luminous red fruit complemented by an agreeable acidic aesthetic. Admiring the color again. Light, lovely, and lively. The finish is spell-like, forcing me to sip, sip. Subtle earthiness supporting fruit, propelling the longevity of the finish into the early stages of next sip. Truly well-rounded and delightful in composition and delivery. The suppleness of the notes does not even minutely squander or crumble. Impressive and inspiring consistency.
VJB has not once disappointed me, so I was not surprised that when I sipped this classic varietal from the Old Country I found myself addled and enamored. Sip, sip...

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