Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still KAZ’d

What a refreshing place. As I sip the Sangiofranc, I am motivated, inspired by Mr. KAZ’s admirable attitude to dispose of convention, and just leap. I know I said that gets me into trouble occasionally, but I won’t know the results unless the soles leave the soil, and I’m flying. Back to KAZ, who has left me in a KAZified state. I love the tasting Room, like an artistic garage, a genius’ workshop. 1000 cases a year, with such acuity to administer. How does he/they do that?
Love the names of the wines, the wordplay. Again, refreshing. This a Human place, for real Humans in admiration of savory bottles. In the Room, you can taste from a barrel, and bottle from that same wood. Had my favorites, but I enjoyed each pour, more so than most wineries I visit. Each was its own victory, nothing sluggish or weak. How did this KAZtastic crew execute such?
Ah, my Sangiofranc...notes still as distinct as the first stage. Outside the Room, in back, you are greeted by a “down-to-Earth,” scene and arrangement, as Mr. KAZ put it today. Tables for picnicking, or just sipping. A little pond with a colorful colony of fish. So relaxing, refreshing. A slice of Humanity supplemented by supple sophistication. I’m in a KAZ coma, experiencing disbelief, wonderment and relief. How?
This bottle converts me to KAZology, as I am KAZ’d by my own KAZery. This spot is situated just down the road from Landmark. Secluded, thankfully, and stimulating with all the sights, visual accompaniments, and your host Mr. KAZ. Try everything, from the 2006 Machismo (Counoise) to the 2006 Moo Vedra (you guessed it, Mourvedre), the ’06 Melodrama (Malbec) to the 2007 Klown’n Around (Petit Sirah, my 2nd favorite...check out the label on this one!).
To cork this entry, a fun place with more-than-quality wines. The artistic merit of this winery and its projects are inspiring and beyond impressive. How did they do this, by just leaping, I’m sure. Acting from heart and not a preponderance of meditation. Art is a product of heart, which is surely why I value this new oasis of mine. Time to refill, enjoy my KAZticness, my KAZmatazz, the KAZy craze...

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