Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review of KAZ, 2007 Sangiofranc, Ricci Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

A Sangiovese/Cabernet Franc blend. At first I thought, “What?” Feathery boldness accompanied by a fruity tapestry. Strong, fluid, and structurally sound. Nose to finish and back-palate, genius, adventurous and successful. Earth knotting with various threads: cinnamon, vanilla, humble floral fingers and notes. I taste escapade, as the character of this bottle is a thrill-seeker, adventurous, a party to which I was invited by my new friend Mr. KAZ. Flavorful, fantastic, fulfilling. She makes me want to keep the part going...
75% Sangio, 25% Franc, with a 13.5% AC makes for a smooth cruise. Pair with anything, or nothing. Great sipping. Continuously jubilant flavors and aromas. Defiantly delicious. Cheers, peers!

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