Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Midday 100

Went to The Wine Emporium, in Sebastopol. Picked up a Bordeaux blend that I’m hoping to deconstruct today. Or tonight. That little, or not so little, wine shop is a truly comfortable, and quite Human, diamond in an industry otherwise stroked by arrogance and salivating salespeople. The shop is owned by an old buddy, James. They were actually closed to the public today, but opened their doors to me, to aid me in my Bordeaux quest. I could see myself owning a little Room like that, maybe. Not sure if I could emulate the masterful job of Mr. James, and his accommodating crew of versed wine admirers. Before the trip to Sunriver, I bought a Malbec there, per the suggestion of the associate there today. Easily in the top ten of my Malbec cannon. Off to look for more wines to review. Boutique, think small prod, specialty, underground. Where will this take me? Feeling charged today, propelled. Poetry in my person, voracity in my version...

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