Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Midday 100, Pt. II

Back from a drive in the valley. Chose another wine to review. A new chosen bottle in cue. Delighted. This’ll be my first “official” review in a some moments. But, I’m thrilled to do so. Spoke with a lady in the Room of the chosen bottle’s winery about different varietals, the upcoming barrel weekend, Napa. She made an interesting point about Cabernet lovers, and how particular they are. Hilarious, and surprising, because I’ve for a while been noticing the very same. I guess you could call this generalizing, profiling, stereotyping, but it appears to be startlingly accurate. Pinot drinkers tend to be in love with the varietal solely as a result of its recent climb in acclaim. Wine writers, like myself, just like to hear themselves talk.
Tired. May have to race off the radar for a while...

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