Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Untitled Purge

Type keys. My pages I might please; find keys, refined
reads. Clutching sacred beads. Studying like
a crazed scholar. No option but to save dollars;
I scathe collars; Cab Franc, I stand staunch, but can’t want.
My band flaunts expertise overseas, sing my sober
keys; Pollution, I wheeze; no intent to please; 3
me’s. Talk to trees; walk, true freeze. Select, elect,
hardly discouraged by governmental neglect. Watch TV, no.
My friend stocks CD’s, so...I’m critical. My disdain,
visible, the conditions, pitiful. Try to make sense, I take
dents. Another sip, my brothers flip over these books.
Compose unorthodox hooks. Put my manuscript
in the desk, unless I’m stressed. Tear your test, duress.
Screen screaming, my team leaning, towards war, adore doors
that lead to fortune. Collude to contortion of
laws. Like one of the swimmers in jaws. Start curt brawls
in church halls.

(Tuesday 3/16/2010)

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