Monday, March 22, 2010

Who/What Does the Author Blame?

It's possible, yes, that I could be done with the Room, for now. But not the industry, never! Wine, and Wine with Lit, have exposed dimension over dimension of the grapes' brilliance, effects on us as sippers. A new intrigue I have with Chard, and other whites now. Might go to Landmark tomorrow and taste a couple of their sophisticated Chards. Have heard nothing but praise, and lots of it. Another dimension to the industry that befuddles me is the limitless options when it comes to pairings. I am convinced you don't need sommelier certification to attain expertise in and around, and about, this facet.
Woke up this AM at around 3:30. Still a long one ahead of the author. I'm triumphant. Will be, I'm hoping. Woke up as a result of a certain uneasiness attributed to the employment situation, and turning 31 this year with no full-time post. That'll change shortly, I assure you, readers. I will write my way out of any pit, ready to sustain hits.

Sipped the VJB Barbara again last night. What a great red. Need to journey to Italy someday, explore their Rooms, wines. Can’t stop yawning. Was it that I had wine too late? Twenty minutes till my next class, eyes heavier than they were at the beginning of this entry. Need to rush to the cafeteria and get caffeine, in some form. Any will do. Coffee, Diet Coke. I’ll even settle for one of those nasty energy drinks, can you believe that?

What will happen in the Room today? This weekend tapped my inner-propeller. Almost want to call in. No, can’t do that to the crew. Just realized I left the little notepad at home. Now how will I write my way through the day? Peace, Madigan, peace. You speak of nothing. You’ll be fine. Am I talking/writing to my Self? I’m losing it…

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